A new era in the Hirschen Hotel...

After over two years of reconstruction the Hirschen Hotel is accommodating guests again. It is situated on the square that bears the same name in the middle of the old town of Zurich. A new wine cave in the basements has opened and its entry is found on the Hirschengasse 6.
The house "Zum Hirschen" had to close down in 1997 because of fire technical reasons, at this time; Hans Neufeld bought the location at the Niederdorfstrasse 13. As the owner of the building company "Neubag", Mr. Neufeld started a complete renovation of the complex together with his own team plus foreman Kurt Stäubli and architect Jürg Kral. The renovation period that lasted two years was accompanied both by the department of preservation of historic buildings and monuments and the department of archaeology. The responsible archaeologists Jürg Hanser and Hermann Obrist appreciate the careful and patient procedure done by the people involved. During the renovation period they had the possibility to investigatethe old ruins and traces of settlers with the C14 method. The traces date backto the 11. and 12. century. Originally there were three houses that grew together; parts of them date back to the 13. century. As time went by, numerous renovations took place until the 20. century, when the Hirschen got its current architecture.

The new tenant: Hanspeter Graf

In July 2002, Hanspeter Graf, former tenant and host of the Falkenschloss, took over as the new tenant of the Hirschen Hotel and wine cave. Joining him are his wife Waltraud and daughter Melanie Graf. The restaurant "Mexicano" though is managed by Toni Navarro (restaurant Turm). The fully renovated Hirschen Hotel has 27 double and single rooms, all with shower/toilet, TV, phone, fax and internet connection und offers a nice breakfast room with morning sun where a rich buffet is open daily from 6.30am to 11am. For lunch this room can be booked for private and business meetings including consumption. The reception on the first floor, entry of theHirschenplatz is manned 24 hours. The arched cellar of the 17. century could be put back into its original state after it has been filled up with installations in the previous decades. In this cellar, Hanspeter Graf opened a wine cave that can be reached by the internal lift or by the Hirschengasse. The first steps lead over a glass covered draw well that dates back to the 14./15. century. The legendary wine cellar is opened daily from 4.30pm and invites to aperitif or to a glass of wine, with or without food. This room can be booked for private or business functions outside the opening hours as well.
For more information:

Family Graf, Hotel Hirschen, Niederdorfstrasse 13, 8001 Zürich, tel. 043 268 33 33, fax 043 268 33 34,

For historical and architectural questions:
Jürg Hanser, department for urban development, preservation of historic buildings and monuments and archaeology, Amtshaus IV, Lindenhofstrasse 19, 8021 Zürich, tel. 01 216 40 81 or
Hermann Obrist, IG-archeology, Giesshübelstrasse 62i, 8045 Zürich, tel. 01 454 40 20

Historische Weinschenke

151x131-weinschenke-kerzenÜber alte Steine, erhellt von Kerzen, führt der Weg

in einen spätmittelalterlichen Raum, den man über einen verglasten Sodbrunnen von 1340 betritt, der noch heute von Grund­wasser gespiesen wird und funktioniert. Dieser sakral anmutende Gewölbekeller


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